Monday, July 1, 2013

Who Am I?

Meeting people from all over the world in hostels, trains and through couch-surfing, the topics of travel and projects often come up.

I've introduced and tried to explain what I'm doing so many times, I thought it might be helpful to new readers of the blog to get a bit of an idea about what my current plans are.

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Photo taken in sunny Berlin last Tuesday! Or was it the Tuesday before??...

I was:

    A full time physics teacher working in a secondary school in Adelaide, Australia.
    Then,  a part time English assistant at a French senior school in Bordeaux.

I am:

    Currently travelling around Europe (and further?) after finishing my contract in France.
    Not really sure what the future holds, to be honest.
    Trying not to be worried about this.

I will be:

    Travelling for at least the next three months, unless job opportunities lure me homewards.

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