Wednesday, June 5, 2013

24(ish) hours in the life of this traveller

It's getting harder for me to keep track of where I am right now (particularly upon waking) so I thought I'd scramble together a post on what a day/some days are like on the road and in the air.

I write this to you at midnight in Stockholm, Sweden, a country I'd never visited before (not counting the flight out of Malmo/Copenhagen last Friday).

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21:00 Monday, 3 June:  I had just finished an exhausting and exhilarating three hours spelunking under Budapest and raced for the bus back to the city.

22:00: Walked with new caving friends to a fancy restaurant for my last night in Hungary.

23:00: Ran back to the restaurant to collect my swimsuit bag, still wet from the Turkish baths that morning.

24:00: Met my couchsurfing host on the last metro home.

1:00: Looked up the bus timetable and decided to stay up all night.

2:00: Forced myself to stay awake by sending overdue emails.

3:00: Wrote my hosts a thank you card and walked through the dark streets to catch a night bus into the city centre.

4:00: Tripped on my pack walking to the airport shuttle and came down hard on my knees. Ouch.

5:00: Checked in, and was attended to by airport first aid. They couldn't even give me an ice pack...

6:00: Flight Budapest --> Stockholm.

7:00: Definitely ugly sleeping inflight.

8:00: Arrived in Sweden and picked up a sandwich at the airport. Rude reminder of how expensive Scandinavia is.

9:00: Enjoyed the sunshine while waiting for the airport shuttle bus. Loved the green scenery.

10:00: Fell asleep on board.

11:00: In Stockholm centre, finally got through to my couchsurfing host.

12:00: Metro to his apartment, and realised that my stay there wasn't going to work out..... lifestyle differences....

13:00: Metro to hastily booked hostel in old town. Much happier.

14:00: Freshly showered, and decided to rest my knee for a little bit...

15:00: zzzzzz

16:00: zzzzz

17:00: Definitely ugly sleeping again.

18:00: zzzzz

19:00: Finally woke up and obligatory am/pm confusion.

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20:00: Found a vegetarian restaurant! Piled my plate high.

21:00: Walked around the historic harbour area in the beautiful long evening light.

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22:00: Wasn't able to find a supermarket, so headed back to the hostel for a cup of tea.

23:00: Chatted with fellow travelers. I LOVE hearing other people's stories!

24:00: And here we are! Time for a good night's rest.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into what my travel days can be like. This was definitely a long one!


  1. Meeting travellers from all over the world is the best part of staying in a Hostel :D

  2. It's so refreshing hearing from other people who are also following a non-linear life path.