Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fromage Friday: Finally

A long time between calcium hits, huh?

In no particular order:

Sundays mean markets in Bordeaux. Which means cheese, really.

Feta salad in Porto over New Year's.

Goat's cheese parcels in Porto.

Showing off my hands-free Christmas gift (I know you're all jealous) and some fromage blanc in Madrid.

Amazing mozzarella tapas in Madrid.

Cheesey crêpe deliciousness in Bordeaux.

More market cheese.

I made some cheese last year. Didn't look as good as this.

Casual cheese-eating with friends on a Saturday night in Bordeaux.

Being hungover on a school day (me?!) calls for a brie baguette.

Wonderful ashed goat's salad.

Cheese and broccoli (homemade) pizza - this counts, right?

Chèvre and vegetable soup. So good.

Market stall in Périgueux.

The French know how to do novel chip flavours.

Any favourites here?

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