Monday, October 22, 2012

Five Things

Just what am I loving this week (apart from life, generally)?

1. Having a clever little iPhone that allows me to switch between English and French dictionaries easily. So convenient with predictive text.

2. Bike-sharing! Bordeaux is following the lead of Paris, Lyon etc and has vélos readily accessible all around town. Perfect for zipping to work or cruising home after a night out.

3. My new haircut! I am more Amélie Poulain than ever!

4. Listening to the Joy the Baker podcast on the tram while it's raining outside. Bordeaux has had a very soggy weekend! These ladies make me chuckle in public. It's good.

5. Dressing like a French cliché. I am seriously all over the scarves, stripes and blazers right now! It's great. Bet you're looking forward to photo evidence in my outfit posts.

Heavy French focus this week (would you expect anything less from your resident Francophile?) I'd love to read about the things tickling your fancy at the moment!

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