Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dress Memory

I was discussing with my friends during dumpling lunch the other day the emotional bonds we feel to our clothes. How we remember what we wore to that party. How much our first op-shop purchase was. Where we got our favourite stockings/necklace/purse/dress.

One friend can't remember anything about her clothes. The other could remember where she purchased every item (we tested by pointing to even the smallest accessory on her at the time).

Taking this a step further is Melbourne author Lorelai Vashti, who documents her relations and adventures with clothing on website Dress, Memory. Accompanying each stylised kitsch photograph is a story of just what that garment means to her. Her prose and honest description of the sentimental attachment she has to her clothes is touching, revelatory, and indeed, familiar.

Well worth a flick through her 24 stories/dresses/moments in time.

If your clothes could speak, I wonder what they would say?


  1. I love reading each new Dress, Memory post, and I agree that it makes you think about these things!

    I think I could tell a story attached to most of my clothes, whether it's when I bought it or when I've worn it. There are those dresses I rarely wear because they're so precious, and then there are those I wear constantly because they're so fun! Of course, there's always the few that are linked to some romance or incident that hide away in the back of the wardrobe until at least some sharpness of the memory has worn off!

    1. Haha, I know exactly what you mean about the clothes hidden away due to awkward memories!

      At a friend's party years back one girl was way too bamboozled and ended up sharing her stomach contents with the couch covered in everybody's coats and purses.... ew.... I still find it difficult using that beautiful glomesh clutch (despite handwashing it -with gloves- multiple times).