Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just a minute in March

They don't call it Mad March for nothing. What with work, manfriend, family, Fringe, Womad and a weekend away I'm surprised I managed to keep my head on! Just.

not enough! I'm so tired after school that I get through two or three pages in bed before my eyes close. I did, however finish Gatsby and the light novel that complemented it. I'm deciding what to devour next.

Listening... to the radio in the car in the morning, to hold music while on the phone, to rain and wind while I'm working, to music from around the planet at Womadelaide.

Wishing... friends well! Lots of babies born this month and birthdays galore.

Watching... the new season of Amazing Race that my dad kindly started downloading.

Buying... a jacket and a bag, some new underwear, red lipstick. Definitely not shoes.

Wanting... for little! Not looking forward to the onset of cold weather (I get chilly bones) but so far autumn is lovely. Even though my day to day is starting to wear thin I have lots of lovely things to look forward to.

Cooking... rarely and getting to the end of the week with an empty lunchbox. Oops.

Making... birthday plans for the manfriend, arrangements in the diary, teaching progress (I think...)

Loving... him, simply.

Was your March locco? How did it compare to février?