Thursday, November 4, 2010

Op shop unhappiness

Faithful followers will recognise that I'm an avid op-shopper/thrifter. I wear secondhand something every day! This is not an act of intention, unlike the charming Recycled Rose - it just happens that a significant portion (much more than half!) of my wardrobe has had past lives.

Can you imagine my dismay today when I headed to an old faithful opshop (in a musty church hall with ladies discussing the biscuits they ate for morning tea [true story] and items of clothing for 50c) and found that prices had risen horrendously? Valleygirl dresses costing $8? Stained shirts costing $6? Second-hand synthetic leather shoes costing $15? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO???

I didn't walk away empty-handed though. I just miss the good old days (and still don't have any more money to spend than when I was young).

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