Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Melbourne Tips?

A shout-out to all my lovely Melbourne readers / travellers.

Any places you'd recommend in Melbourne? I've been here many-a-time but haven't done any research as to what's happening this month. Yesterday I blissed out in the State Library, walked around the city and visited ACMI. I sat in a deckchair in Federation Square as the sun thought about setting. Happy day!

'Scuse the sporadic posting as I'm on holiday!


  1. Ahhhhhh I didn't realise you were in Melbourne (manic exhibition prep + work = not enough time to keep up with blogs), I'm so sorry! Gah I'm horrible, I apologise. I had to go find someone to mop up the enormous puddle of water which is why I scooted without saying goodbye :p

  2. I completely understand petal! No stress. I thought perhaps the puddle was part of the exhibition. Fascinating stuff.