Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-up

Oh dear! The clock's ticked over and it's now officially Thursday. Bear with me now, friends.

Can I summarise my week in picture form? Is that ok with you all?

Both orchestra rehearsal and concert went well. At our after-party I drank red wine and made Frenchies try vegemite. Later we played in the snow.

This stuff was the culprit for one of my very rare bad days. All the buses were cancelled and it took me three hours to get to work, instead of the usual half hour. I spent two hours waiting for buses that never came in a blizzard, slipped on black ice and bruised my thigh and broke my iPod. Good times.

Apparently this dude is coming to town.

Lunched with this baby on Sunday..

Jet-setting girlfriends on Monday...

and a colleague on Tuesday!

Lunch dates may just be my new favourite date!

Other greatness in my life has been skyping with sunny parents, receiving xmas gifts in the mail, finishing my shopping well in advance (easy to do when you've no family here!), working inside while it snowed outside (Sleeping Beauty's castle looked beautiful), tearing through stories, doing my "homework" of translating restaurant menus into English - not as easy as it looks!, delicious sleep-ins and decorating the Christmas tree on a cold night with festive music in the CD player.

Wishing you all a safe and happy festive season. I'll be spending my day with Mickey Mouse.


  1. You had them try Vegemite?! For realz?
    How this stuff can pass the customs' health & sanitary rules is beyond me :)

  2. Have you ever tried Vegemite? Delicious hangover cure!

  3. Actually I think it was Marmite. A friend who loved for some time in Australia bought some, and was just happy to have everyone taste it. Urgh.

    Hangover cure, you say? I trust you. I believe it can also revive the dead and make the cripples walk :)