Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-up

Ladies and Gentleman!

May I present to you: a pitiful excuse for a weekly summary.

It's 11.30 and I've had a veryyyyy long day in the cold with late dinner and overtime and orchestra rehearsal. My eyes are closing right here as I try to upload photos from the week that was.

If you check back tomorrow I'll make this a wonderfully enticing wrap-up and tell you all about my orchestra concert, asian feasting with friendies, adventures with my dad (all the way from Australia for 21 hours with his daughter), book destroying and Disneyland day out. Once again, seven days accompanied by a full-time work schedule.

Tonight though, bed. And maybe it'll snow overnight.

See you tomorrow, friends.

Bonjour! It's tomorrow now. We're travelling through the future...
So guess what? It did snow overnight. Rather a lot. And all throughout the day (the Disney Castle looked very handsome under all the snow!) But that's for another post.

SO: My orchestra concert on Wednesday night "rocked out", I nailed my solos and fell in love with the pianist's magic fingers. My lovely friends came to show their support.

Thursday night was a dinner date in the bourgeois 'hood and delicious Asian feasting. With a chinchilla. Awesome.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... work work work. Earning euros.

And then it was the weekend! And I was one happy girl. My dad came all the way from Australia (over 24 hours of travel) to spend a grand total of 21 hours with his daughter. Now that's love. I picked him up from the airport on Saturday night wielding a sign with his name on it, copying the nearby chauffeurs. We checked into a rather nice hotel and then metroed to the Champs Elysées. Cosy little Christmas markets selling spiced wine, roast chestnuts and handmade chocolate. But our dinner destination was to be my old workplace which was rather festively decorated. It was great to see my former colleagues and introduce them to my dad. Unfortunately he was falling asleep at the table after sharing a bottle of red, so I took him back to the hotel where I had a blissful night's sleep thanks to the wonders of ear plugs.

First time for profiteroles...really

A sunny Sunday called for a wander through the Marché des Enfants Rouges and brunch at a nearby café. Then it was off and off, checking out and taking the train to my house for Sunday lunch. One delicious meal later and it was time to say goodbye. I cried a lot at the train station, let me tell you.

Did you want that much detail? No?

As for the rest of it, I've been tearing through books like there's no tomorrow: at the breakfast table, on the bus to work, in bed... My tastes vary widely (or more likely I'm just an indiscriminate reader). Finally, on my day off, I headed back to work for some Disney Christmas fun with friends. It was bitterly cold but Mickey and Minnie warmed our spirits (I won't say anything about Goofy).

Teacup fun.

True love.

There. I've got it all out of my system. Now wasn't it worth the wait?


  1. Oh, didn't see the whole update, nice.
    And so nice of your dad to have come all the way over here just to enjoy a few hours with you. One of a kind.

    As for "a little too much", I hope you're not of those who got stuck in the recent traffic congestions in RER A or Gare d'Austerlitz.

  2. And I forgot: that's a huuuuge orchestra you are a part of! Playing church music, or was it simply that's day concert location?

  3. Just the concert location. It's a great orchestra to be a part of!