Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just a minute in November

Reading... so much! I churned through seven books this month. I just finished Brideshead Revisited over dinner tonight.

Listening...to This American Life podcasts on the train. So good.

Watching... the weeks fly by! Disney parades at work! The occasional gossip girl episode online!

Buying... a Winter coat, finally. And socks.

Wanting... more sleep and more sunshine. Paris Winter gloooooom.

Cooking.... quinoa and corn; japanese eggplants.

Making... plans for next year: I just applied for a post graduate diploma.

Loving... life, pretty much all the time.

Post a link to your Just a Minute if you've also written a summary of the month that was.


  1. Reading... the glossy pages of grazia in the toilet. it's amazing.

    Listening...lots of emily haines in all shapes and sizes from metric to her solo project - 'emily haines and the soft skeleton'.

    Watching... succumbed to the herd of twilight fanatics. did not enjoy.

    Buying... balmain inspired blazer from Zara, white shirt and black scrafe. lots and lots of alcoholic beverages.

    Wanting... more time with sequin cat. to travel outside of paris...to have the cash to do so. yo see more theatre.

    Cooking.... all things asian.

    Making... new friends i actually like spending time with!

    Loving... everything

  2. UMMMMMM I love This American Life!

  3. @Mr Dubois: you are wonderful my friend. I like reading Elle in the bathroom. You should get out of Paris, if only a little: Vincennes, Fontainebleau etc. Little half-day trips. Or Lagny, even...

    @Glory: How good is it?!