Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daily Outfit: Prague

More belated travel posts? Sure thing.

Did I say Eastern Europe? I meant just Prague. Just Prague!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a couch to surf so I stayed in a cute little hostel in a female dorm. There I met awesome Korean traveller MinKang! She talked me into skydiving. WHAT?!?!

Creepy sculpture on the walking tour

Secret bookshelf entrance to Speculum Alchemiae, a secret alchemist laboratory only discovered in 2002 when the city flooded!

Most things here are recreations, but it really set the mood. Plus I was the only one on the tour (eek!)

Didn't really have sporty clothes with me to go skydiving.

What a rush!

IMG_1365 - Version 2
Geeking out over my favourite astronomers (actually, I like them all)

IMG_1368 - Version 2
And losing my mind over the amazing library at the Strahov Monastery

I wish we were allowed to go in!

A final night out in Prague, and doing my best to scrub up.

I visited Prague in late July, and while there were bits that I liked (see above, and the delicious beer, and the Mucha museum) the city as a whole didn't grab me as much as, say, Budapest did. Isn't it funny, how some places you immediately feel something for, and others never warm on you?


  1. Oh, you like Tycho Brahe ... what do you think about Tychonian Geocentrism?

    Like, Karl Keating out of his depth? I quote one explanation for redshift and ask if then redshift could be due to Universe daily turning around the earth.

    Here is my quote on redshift:

    3) Second-Order Doppler Effect. A light source moving at right angles (tangentially) to an observer will always be red-shifted. This can be observed in the laboratory by using a high-speed turntable. A detector is placed in the center and a gamma radiation source is placed on the outside edge. The gamma energy is seen to decrease, or "red-shift," as the turntable speed increases. This is an intriguing explanation for stellar red-shift. When applied to stars, it implies that the universe may be in circular motion instead of radial expansion.

    Here is my comment:

    In circular motion instead of radial expansion ... exactly as Geocentrism says it is, namely in circular motion each day around the earth.

    So, you cannot say that every observation refutes Geocentrism, when redshift being an observation has at least one explanation that is coherent with Geocentrism. etc.

    Now, I said redshift as explained as a - was it secondary Doppler effect? - is consistent with Geocentrism being true.

    Over and above a general comment about Geocentrism (roughly Tychonian fashion, though elliptic orbits are an acceptable advance by Kepler), was I right to say this particular explanation of redshift is consistent with Universe and Sun circling us daily?

  2. No, it was not "secondary Doppler effect" but second-order Doppler effect, sorry!