Friday, December 20, 2013

Blog Break

My dears,

I have a lot of exciting stuff* on the very near horizon so I've decided to give myself a month off blogging.

I'm sure you also have much better things to do this festive season than to sit on your computers.

I am looking forward to Christmas (and beyond!) so much.

Hope to see you at the end of January. Have a wonderful month.

* The exciting stuff! Icelandic boyfriend is in the middle of crossing half the globe for me, to spend a hot Christmas with my family and then we'll jump over to Melbourne for a few nights. I pick him up at the airport tomorrow morning and I can't wait! When he departs (sniff) early January I decided rather than mope I'd also head away, so am headed to Thailand (again! This'll be my third visit) for a solid 10 days. I'll be back just before the school year starts. A whirlwind!