Monday, December 16, 2013

Thoughts while Dancing

I returned to my beloved Monday night dance sessions this evening, after a healing-induced break.

Maybe it's because I haven't been for a few weeks, but I couldn't get my brain to turn off. Also, the room wasn't particularly dark at 8.30pm (I love summer nights!)

Here are some things I thought about:

  • It's easier to dance with your eyes shut
  • I strongly endorse stretching pre-grooving, but also during
  • I really should wrap my Christmas gifts soon
  • My favourite genres to dance to are techno/clubby/dance and dubstep
  • Because dubstep lets you dance like a robot in need of repairs
  • I don't mind something a bit slower to get my interpretive dance on
  • Prime position is under the fans
  • If too hot, remove t-shirt and dance un-selfconsciously in sports bra. WOO!
  • Gosh it feels good to move again

My lovelies, it was the best thing! I wasn't really looking forward to it because I haven't been active lately (I got puffed hiking at Hallett Cove yesterday) and I have also been eating all the snacks (training for Christmas?)

Dancing is definitely a highlight of my week.

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