Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Daily Outfit: The Clash

What is this, some sort of outfit blog?!

Well, kinda. Trying to make up for recent quiet and clear the stash of photos sitting on my hard drive. Can you believe I've hardly spoken about Europe?

 photo IMG_2211-Version2_zpsef6d22b6.jpg
I may be a silly goose, but I am actually on the phone here.

 photo IMG_2213-Version2_zps687c268c.jpg
Hi there!

I swear my cat is the friendliest. If you're doing something outside, like a dog, she'll pad over and check out what you're up to and keep you company. So sweet.

 photo IMG_2214_zpsd99b9eb3.jpg
Shiny shoes, fluffy cat.

 photo IMG_2215_zpsf0d49080.jpg
This op shopped skirt came with the cute belt!

Clashing prints for a hot day of exam supervision.

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