Sunday, January 19, 2014


I'm back in Adelaide after a whirlwind trip to Thailand (when will the travelling end? Hopefully never!) and ready for some fresh starts.

I started a new novel (American Gods, Neil Gaiman - have you read it?)
I started a new diary (writing in dates for the year ahead makes everything seem real. And manageable)
I start a new job on Tuesday.

I wonder what other beginnings will come my way?


  1. Aha, just read your last post which answered my ponderings as to how you cam eot go to such an unusual and off the beaten track place as Iceland!! Huzzah!
    As for the book, we've been discussing this!!!
    New job?! Sweet! You'll need to go shopping to celebrate!

    1. Oh my dear, my wardrobe is HEAVING and needs no further additions! Getting dressed is still challenging some mornings though. What's with that?