Thursday, September 19, 2013

I like...

Ooh, September has been a slim month blogwise. Did I mention that I was patting cats across Canada and the USA? Getting lost in secondhand bookshops? Burying my nose in flowers?

Yes. It's been a good month.

Anyway, time for some stuff I dig right now!

  • Paw prints in set concrete (and bird prints are pretty sweet too).

  • Using the Notes function on my phone. I use it for everything: places to check out in a new city, books to read, life goals, dinner recipes. Now that I've changed it from the default comic sans (ew), we have a very productive relationship.

  • Capsicum (bell pepper) in sandwiches. It's crispy and tangy and delicious.

  • Coloured pens. They're a bit juvenile I know, but I really like updating my diary with a purple gel pen or an emerald green erasable!

  • Having the exact change for the bus. Bliss.

     photo IMG_4690_zps53be9166.jpg
    All picked in the lane behind my friend's house. Yum!

  • Wild blackberries - but watch out for the prickles! The West Coast was insane for these. YUM!

  • The rich, green aroma of forests. Breathe deep.

     photo IMG_4739_zps2212a457.jpg
    Right near Beaver Lake in Vancouver.

  • Reorganizing the apps on my phone. It feels oddly fresh.

  • Related: the app from (currency exchange) - how did it take me this long (and so many countries) to download it? It works offline!

  • Vancouver radio station, The Peak. I hope I can stream it when back home!

  • And finally, trying new podcasts. I'm really enjoying Welcome to Night Vale. Perfect for when I want a bit of human company but am too shy to talk to anyone whilst travelling.

Any snippets of happiness you fancy sharing? The next Like List will be from homebase, Australia!