Tuesday, April 9, 2013

One Day

I haven't done a photo every hour post on here for a while, and thought it might be nice to share what a "typical" day is like here for me in Bordeaux. Let's be honest though, life is anything but typical right now!

 photo IMG_0502_zps6de775fa.jpg
08:45 - Arrive at school via bike-sharing
 photo IMG_0503_zpsfd25e0c3.jpg
09:00 - International Trade class. We roleplay and I mark them on their negotiation skills as well as linguistic capabilities
 photo IMG_0504_zps0698e5d5.jpg
11:00 - Conversation class with the seniors
 photo IMG_0505_zpseee1de58.jpg
12:00 - Lunch conversation class in the canteen with five older students
 photo IMG_0510_zps08798493.jpg
13:00 - More seniors!
 photo IMG_0511_zpsd8ebe5b0.jpg
14:00 - Make a whole class try Vegemite. Stay with them to watch An Inconvenient Truth
 photo IMG_0512_zps728740b6.jpg
16:05 - My locker. Time for some green tea
 photo IMG_0513_zpsa9fc0e07.jpg
16:40 - Pop out to post some postcards. Love the dog poo (so, so stinky)
 photo IMG_0514_zpsaa121784.jpg
17:00 - Last class for the day. Arrange pens in colour order
 photo IMG_0515_zps0dbf68af.jpg
18:00 - Ride home
 photo IMG_0516_zpse08791fa.jpg
18:10 - Stop by the river to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Bump into friends.
 photo IMG_0517_zpsa30be4bb.jpg
18:20 - Safely back home!
 photo IMG_0518_zpsa7dd92e1.jpg
19:00 - Quickly read through incoming post and have a quick bite to eat
 photo IMG_0519_zpseaa1eb55.jpg
20:20 - At the cinema for a preview of an Australian road-trip film
 photo IMG_0520_zps0b14bb12.jpg
21:50 - Presentation by the directors and producer after
 photo IMG_0521_zpse2216739.jpg
22:15 - Finally free!
 photo IMG_0522_zpsfafc3411.jpg
22:20 - Which of these is going to take me home?
 photo IMG_0524_zps884e2654.jpg
22:35 - Home safe again! Good night!

I really like looking at these kind of posts by other bloggers. Did you enjoy an insight into one of my working days? Of course, weekends normally involve red wine, travel and going out for dinner. I hope to feature one of those soon!


  1. great journey... thanks... gotta get off to school myself asap... have a good day Gabs

    1. Glad you enjoyed Sonia! Hope you enjoy the holidays coming up.

  2. Oooh I love it, I want to do a day in the life post! Also, this must be one of your busier work days... :p

    1. Yes Rosie, the genius of Tuesdays means I get over half the working week done with, and then I can get on to more important things (naps, daytime wine, cat-hunting...)

    2. I have been photographing all day, inspired by your post...and yes it has involved a LOT of cat spotting...the best thing about France!

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