Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's in my (bordel of a) bag

Can you believe I haven't shared what's lurking in my handbag since.... November 2009? (I'm guessing yes, you probably can believe that)

On with the show!

 photo IMG_1803_zps4e9f5921.jpg
My red Mary Poppins bag that I like to drape over my elbow or sling bandolier-style when riding a bike.

 photo IMG_1805_zps4c045d0d.jpg
We can do this!

Clockwise from top left:

  • Under 30s train travel card and tickets to & fro Paris
  • A whole bunch of cards - library, iTunes, Sephora
  • Red hand-knitted mittens (thanks Grandma!)
  • Headphones (I now have some neat panda ones too) for podcast listening
  • Various paper work, piles of postcards and stamps I'm yet to write an send, a black diary
  • No fewer than eight lip products and a compact mirror
  • Guide to vego restaurants in Paris (yay!) and another black diary
  • Hand cream, pocket tissues and a bottle of water
  • Pocket umbrella (somewhat broken)
  • Receipts, museum passes, coatcheck tickets
  • Whiteboard markers, black pen, pack of coloured liners
  • Phone in convenient wallet (also storing most important cards and cash)
  • Monster coin purse
  • School keys
  • Script (my play is being put on this weekend! Starting to feel nervous...)
  • Yet another black notebook (this one contains all my cultural notes and places to visit while travelling)
  • Paris map
  • Corkscrew (you wouldn't think this to be a handbag essential, but seriously, it is)
  • Various business cards and a perfume sample (Parisienne - YSL, mmm)

Goodness Gracious Sequinned One.

I'd like to think that taking these photos prompted a clear out... it never lasts.


  1. I understand most of the items, but why two diaries?

    1. Finishing off one and starting the other. Plus, the old diary has addresses, "important" lists etc. I've left it at home now. I "cleaned" my bag.