Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tick... tock... tick....

Goodness me! Thought I'd better stop in and say g'day/bonjour lest you all worry something had happened to me after almost a month's absence since my 4th anniversary post.

I'm fine. So much better than fine, in fact. January is a hard one in the Northern Hemisphere, with grey days encouraging the desire to hibernate. Despite my bear coat, I've been resisting this urge and going out all the freakin' time. And going away. And seeing friends. And involving myself in many artistic endeavours.

To summarise, I'm full of the inspiration again, and hoping to share some of the good times I've been experiencing lately with you. Will you join me on my journeys in 2013?


  1. How are you travels going? Is school treating you well? How about general life?

    1. I hope we'll hear from you on the blogosphere soon too!