Sunday, December 16, 2012

Daily Outfit: Cat Captured at the Art Show

A few weeks ago now (oops! How time flies!) I was captured by a photographer while art-appreciating at CAPC (Musée d'art contemporain).

They wanted to feature Ms Sequin Cat in their streetstyle section of a newspaper's weekend magazine!

The outfit in question:

Kind of surprised me as this look isn't anything special for me, you know? It was just what I wore to school that day. They also gave me a little interview (en français, bien sûr!) asking me about my style references, inspiration and favourite stores.

Friends? I totally blanked. I forgot about my style hero, Minnie Mouse (in aesthetics only. Personality wise I'm much more a Daisy Duck kind of lady). I ignored my penchant for strong patterns, and quirky textures. I seemed to forget that most days, I just like dressing like a cartoon character.

Anyway. I'd better think of all this stuff for next time I'm papped. Thankfully the little summary written underneath my photo is very complimentary and doesn't make me sound as naff as I surely am. Thanks Aujourd'hui en France!


  1. I like your style the best Gabrielle! Gorgeous picture!

    1. Thanks Lovely Laura! I like YOUR style the best! xx