Monday, June 4, 2012

The Technology Debate

Does anybody else find it hard blogging from an iPad? Perhaps I'm just not dexterous enough with the touchscreen.

First World problems, I know.

With some travel on the horizon, I've been debating buying a new laptop before end of Financial Year. I finally booted up my third-hand model (dad to sister to my fingertips) and after a few restarts and a lot of patience, got it working.

I researched its model. Turns out my laptop was discontinued in 2006. High time for an upgrade.

Do I go the Air? I've been an Apple girl the entirety of my technological existence. I'm not sure if that means I succumb easily to the marketing hype or that I have confidence in Mac products - I have a first edition iPod with hard plastic shell and grey screen that still works. Seriously.

If you were in the market for a new laptop for everyday use (no extreme graphic designing/music mixing/movie making) what would your choice(s) be?


  1. I have a Mac and it is the best! I think everyone who has them swears by them. They are much more intuitive than PCs and mine has never had a problem yet. (I'm an Apple girl too, can you tell? haha)

    The only thing you have to remember with the Air is that is doesn't have much storage space or a CD drive.

    1. Do you have an Air or MacBook Pro? I guess everybody uses external hard drives these days anyway so I'm not too worries about the lack of storage space.