Saturday, June 16, 2012

Five Things

After yesterday's post, I thought I'd ease back into blogging (if I feel like it! I do what I want!) by resurrecting a short, simple list of what's been happening around my Universe lately.

1.  My attention span has been pleasantly surprising: I've been sitting down to work (write tests, fill in spreadsheets, email parents, mark exams) and finding myself disciplined enough to work solidly for at least half an hour. Baby steps, people.
    Fun tactics include:

  •  Hot drink breaks every 40 minutes 
  • Timing myself marking tests and seeing if I can beat my own time
  • Sorting exams into piles of 10 and not letting myself get up for a stretch until they're all done
  •  Listening to my iPod on shuffle (seriously, why haven't I got into this before while marking?!)

  • 2.  Still going with the trying to watch movies thing. This week: Sin City and Coffee and Cigarettes (which I'd seen many moons ago). I'd like to borrow Battleship Potemkin before I play a live score to it in a fortnight.


    3.  Visited some op shops near work yesterday and picked up a few goodies: a black lace shirt, red tartan skirt, white obi belt, and three editions of Another Magazine (which I've not read before but look interesting).

    4.  I've come to the realisation that I don't mind grocery shopping at all. I keep a running list on my phone so I never have to worry about forgetting the essentials and then get to top everything up with seasonal produce and take advantage of specials! I may also be the grown woman zooming down the aisles on the back of her trolley, hanging on for dear life and cackling with glee. Maybe.

    5.  I saw the Wizard of Oz in a live stage show this week and it was fantastic! What a timely reminder to live your life a bit more musically and that perhaps what you're searching for you've had all along (end pseudo-wisdom here). You bet I dressed up and rendezvoused with the musicians during interval!

    That's all I've got! Five Things. Five Things. Five Things. You're very welcome to share your Five Things too, should you feel so inspired!

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