Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Five Things

One.  Enjoying my new computer! Ended up getting a MacBook Pro, on sale as they'd just released new versions. Ended up cheaper than the Air and now I have the perfect travel laptop! It did take me a week to get it out of its box (I've been busy, okay?)

Two.  Reading in bed. One of life's simple pleasures, for sure.

Three.  Went for a lovely walk at Morialta on Sunday. Unfortunately was in a bit of a stinker of a mood but was still able to appreciate the natural beauty on a very crisp winter's day.

Four.  Being busy at work, but having the end in sight. Marking 65 of the same exam? Planning for a new semester? Keeping up with year 12 work? Supervising exams? Writing reports? Meeting parents? Thankfully everything is (gradually!) winding up but I sure have put in the hard yards this term.

Five.  Making magical music. Had one (amazing) concert on Friday night and working towards another on Saturday. I really like being part of my various musical groups.

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