Monday, April 30, 2012

Recipe for a Wonderful Weekend

Did you enjoy the weekend past as much as I did? Here's how I succeeded in making it shine:

1. Mexican fiesta on Friday night
2. Sleep-ins with a new novel
3. Bike riding everywhere
4. Buying some new work wear (Did you know I'm really not into shopping?)
5. Market lunch on Saturday and a BBQ with my folks on Sunday
6. Sipping champagne on a rooftop garden before listening to a symphony orchestra at the Town Hall
7. Ordering Indian takeaway and watching Burn After Reading all cosy on the couch!
8. Feeling accomplished after a few hours of physics preparation
9. Discussing books with Mother and music with Father
10. Flipping through fashion magazines

How very delightful.


  1. Sounds nice, especially the reading and shopping. I would've never guessed that you weren't into shopping (I thought all clotheshorses were :)

    1. Very much not! Sometimes I trick myself into thinking I am, and half an hour into a shopping expedition I find myself walking around in a daze asking "Why am I here?" (in a somewhat existential way). Half an hour is probably my limit; slight longer in thrift shops.

  2. "...Osbourne Cox..?"
    omg, I adore John Malkovich, and of course think Brad Pitt is very yummy...that telephone scene had me in hysterics with laughter.

    I had no idea what to expect from that film, but loved it!

    & sounds like a wonderful weekend...uh...last month! *heehee

    1. It's hilarious, isn't it?! Not what I expected either. I hope you have a delicious weekend ahead of you also.