Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday Wrap-up

Katy Perry in concert!

Oh hi, week that's been. Didn't see you there.

Flew back from Perth on Thursday and thoroughly depressed myself that evening watching La Rafle (The Round-Up) at the Nova. Seriously good but relentless.
Spent Friday looking after the manfriend: sleep-in, reading, crisp, autumn walk, homemade meals and a jigsaw puzzle. Cosy indeed.

Collected lots of lovely new reading material from the library. Not sure when I'll have time but the intent is there. I've already used a physics comic book with my classes - hurrah!

On Saturday I bumped into a friend I've not seen for a long time and we made plans to see a friend's gig that evening. It was great! Saw lots of familiar faces and actually got out and about, something I've been missing lately. Music and beers and taxi home with manfriend.

The always excellent Steering by Stars

Sunday was my art date with Ms Ruby Chew that I mentioned here. We admired Patricia Piccinini's new exhibition before warming our cockles with herbal tea. Lovely!

The Young Family (source unknown)

Back to school Monday. Tried to get work done so it didn't interrupt the Katy Perry concert that night! I had free tickets. It was fun. The backup dancers' costumes were so so bad. Waxed over the show the next day with some students. They loved it too.

Last thing on the schedule was a University awards night yesterday. Manfriend won a prize for English (and a healthy cheque!) so we celebrated with Exeter curry night. Tasty indeed.

And that, my friends, is the week that was. Can you understand my relative absence?

Other tidbits: finally getting stuck into Easter chocolate (I tell myself each year that I'll pick up the stuff on special after the event but never do), rereading Candide, being unimpressed by everything in my wardrobe and the concept of clothing in general, feeling cold, lovely voicemails, kind emails from parents, holiday plans, getting up far too early in the mornings. Some good, some not so.

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