Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Wrap-up

After last week's busy-ness, I feel a little more on top of things. I attribute that to spending time during band rehearsal on Sunday doing my week's planning...

No photos today of day-to-day life but lots of Daily Outfit shots being uploaded.

Let's take a closer look at the week that was, shall we?

Thursday: Fire drill at school. Stayed late doing work (how unusual...) then popped into a boutique on the way home for a shop. Unsuccessful.

Friday: Finished school early so headed to some local op shops. Win! A few items for work and play but nothing amazing. Running errands in the city then a long, slow and wet drive home through peak-hour traffic. Snuggled in with the cat and listened to the rain before the manfriend came over.

Saturday: As mentioned, snooze in, reading books, burgers for lunch, the movies, dinner with the in-laws, birthday drinks. Too tired to watch Harry Potter when we got in!

Sunday: No rest for the wicked. Band rehearsal from 10 - 4. Lunch again with the in-laws. The usual back to school routine - planning, ironing, cooking, washing. Felt happy and prepared for the working week ahead. Harry Potter DVD with popcorn in bed!

Monday: Gentle start to the week and movie date at night. Left school at a most decent hour and dropped in on the manfriend for an afterschool Wii session. Black Swan + bottle of red. Wobbly ride home.

Tuesday: Not so terrible despite teaching every lesson. Manfriend over to finish off Sunday's Harry Potter (I fell asleep!) Called my sister to organise my next visit to Perth.

Which brings us to today! Apologies all round for the dull update. Basically lots of movies this week: Spectrum (free tickets, don't ask), Black Swan, Harry Potter 6. Very enjoyable.

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