Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Wrap-down

Oh deaaaaaarrrrrr. Somebody commented on facebook that I was perhaps letting the blog slide a little. And you know what team? Totally true. I feel terrible (seriously; I think about it daily but am as such unable to make steps to rectify the problem. Hmm).

Here's where I'm at:
  • Started a new job so I am adjusting to a new full-time routine. Getting up at 6.45. Staying at school till 6 or 7 pm, making sure all my work is done for the next day. Valuing my weekends. It's tiring but it is exciting! The fact that I am getting paid for it still seems unreal

  • New car! Picked it (her?) up on Monday. Very exciting. Was sad to say farewell to my old one as it held so many memories. Fun to drive the new one though and admire its glossiness from my office window.

  • Went to the cricket on Saturday and seriously enjoyed the game (and pyrotechnics!)

  • Movies: Manfriend and I want to make weekly films a bit of a tradition so we took advantage of cheap Palace Nova Mondays and saw The King's Speech. His choice so next time will hopefully be mine! We also took advantage of the final few days of Moonlight Cinema to watch Donnie Darko under the stars in Botanic Park.

  • Still taking lots of outfit photos for you all but need to take the next step and upload them. I'll get there!

  • Seriously doubting my ability to play A-grade band music (I'm a percussionist) but I will attempt the challenge. It's a little difficult to practise timpani at home. I'd love to participate in the school musical if there is one this year!

  • I couldn't share an update on my life (such as it is) without letting you all know about my reading habits. Unfortunately, early nights and lack of stamina are taking a toll on my page count - I can't make it through more than a few turns before my eyes start involuntarily closing. After enjoying quite a few books on my travels in Laos and Cambodia I seem to be stuck on The Vampire Lestat. My school's fiction section seems rather well-stocked so I'm looking forward to making use of the facility.

  • Future plans? I'm off to Sydney this weekend then back for Phoenix on Monday night. Fringe Fest is starting up and I have tickets to both Soundwave and WOMAD (contrast, much?) Lots to look forward to!

Thanks for sticking by me during this busy period. I hope your weeks are similarly full to the brim with fun, adventure and challenges!

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