Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday Wrap-up

Before I roll into bed for a well-deserved rest (you be the judge...), thought I'd touch base and let you know what's been happening chez Sequin Cat.

School - yippee! Lots to do but every day is different. It's such a full-on job but very exciting.

Sydney - wonderful times with wonderful friends. I flew out after school on Friday and came back Sunday afternoon. Showered my (very) pregnant friend with love at her baby shower as it showered outside. Delicious food and delightful company!

No movie this week as Monday was reserved for Phoenix. So good! Especially when they covered Air's Playground Love for an encore.

Otherwise? 20th birthday party, listening to my ancient iPod, curries, crisp apples, driving my new car, ticking to-do lists, feeling inspired about learning and living, reading magazines with the family, white wine and a mars bar on the plane, being able to afford a taxi ride, laughing over old photographs, going out for breakfast, organising exciting experiments, wearing stripes, hot cross buns, farewell dinner, pleases and thank yous, ironing my shirt in the morning, band practice, reminiscing about France, buying a year planner, reading blogs, compiling my reading list, being driven around in a convertible, sparkling red, giant fruchocs, sending lots of texts, being gifted a new phone, time with the boy I love.

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