Monday, May 31, 2010

Just a Minute in May

Wowsers! Hasn't May just whizzed by?

Reading... not enough (for shame), staff notices, menus, awesome texts, school newsletters.

Listening... to my broken iPod on shuffle. Non-functional screen makes for interesting music selection. I put tunes on as soon as I wake up to get ready for the day and as soon as I get home from school. It's keeping me sane.

Watching... evolution rap, other teachers' lessons, my free time fly by.

Buying... the bestest ever slippers, $1.50 worth of cape, sneakers (seriously! I go on excursion this week), lots and lots of groceries, stationery.

Wanting... to be home, time with friends and loved ones, cat cuddles, more reading to be occurring, my students to participate more.

Making... dinner multiple times a week, exciting plans for the near future, funny clothing choices each morning, progress in my teaching.

Loving... playing my DS in downtime (true story!), listening to music, writing to-do lists, being a real French teacher.

There's a heavy emphasis in this little summary on teaching; most of May has been spent either on teaching prac in the country or in preparing for it. While I'm learning lots and am surrounded by supportive colleagues, I must admit I'm keen to come back to Adelaide. Really keen.

Six weeks of holidays await...

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