Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-up

This week's been all about dating: magic meet-up with a girl with flame hair, afternoon kir, cobbled courtyards, a walk along the Seine, the most excellent apartment location in Paris, spontaneous art show, racing through the metro, beer and crêpes, Notre Dame at night, strolling through the latin quarter, glowsticks in mint, wet hair from running through a downpour, nervous laughter, cosy bars, baked potato skins, dancing to Flashdance with applause from the potato shop owner, trying on glasses, pulling faces, tornado stories, John Williams, haikus, waking up in Beijing, the birth of gunpowder, honey-drenched toast, a quaint toy shop, a Saturday stroll through the Marais with delicious felafel, stunning sunsets, barhopping at Bastille, so much laughter, Snow White dreams

I've also read a lot and made some interesting salads. Written postcards, emails and received parcels in the post. Attempts at op-shopping that have resulted in strawberry tarts at sunset and no purchases made. The usual orchestra rehearsal on Wednesday nights with tympani solos. Friday I wore a suit to Disneyland because I was serious about having fun. It was a good solo mission. Skype catch-ups and flirtatious phone calls. Ticking things off my to-do list and making things happen.

Rocket, chickpeas, beetroot, goat's cheese, cracked pepper and good French bread

Paris is making me crack up a little bit (and I'm not even sure why) so I think I might put my travelling shoes back on (those red high heels.)

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