Saturday, October 24, 2009

A new necklace

I'm not a massive jewellery person. I was discussing this in New York with a flea market stall owner: my style philosophy is generally to wear louder items of clothing and no jewellery rather than the more common formula of more conservative clothing spiced up with exciting accessories.

With that said, I do crack for a giant flower brooch or some kind of crazy belt action.

I was thrilled to receive this little parcel in the post from my sister. A birthday necklace! I even wore it to bed the other night (but that may have been due to beer consumption...)

Aren't the owl and cat hanging out in their rowboat adorable?

So my cats and owls, are you jewellery people?


  1. I am such a jewelry person! I make a lot of my own, and I've got quite a collection of vintage pieces too. Love the "Owl and the Pussy Cat" necklace. It's such a cute poem.

  2. This is the cutest thing EVER!

  3. I LOVE that necklace!!

    I'm not really a jewellery person. Mainly because I'm so lazy and tired in a morning, it's all I can do to put clothes and make up on, never mind faffing about with earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.

    Although having said that I'm always attracted to big loud 'statement' pieces of jewellery that I will wear to death and then forget about for a few months before I discover it again.

  4. @Melissa: I'm so impressed by you making your own jewellery! Unfortunately I feel sincerely lacking in any talent

    @Glory: Aww thanks darling

    @The Girl: Thanks for your comment. Despite just blogging about how I'm not an avid jewellery wearer I did happen to buy a necklace yesterday. And, like you, Im sure I'll thrash it and retire it only to rediscover it in a few months time. It's going to be such a treat when I get back to Australia and explore my entire wardrobe again!