Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Leave of Absence

It's been quite some time, my friends.

It feels like the longer I leave it between posts, the harder it is to finally put fingers to keys and send off this hello into the ether(net).

But here we are, hello!

I turned 28 yesterday (!!) and it caused me to reflect a little on the nature of time, and how the years seem to whizz by us. As a teacher, I usually find my time measured out by the number of weeks in a school term and the routine of the school day. 

It's important to find and create your own rituals to celebrate the rhythms of life.

I went to Turkey in July. A great way to spend three weeks!

I hope that during my absence you have been making the most of your days, marking the seasons and setting goals for the future. I look forward to hearing all about them.