Friday, May 31, 2013

Travel Times

It's getting hard for even me to keep track of where I am. I've shipped off my computer to yet another friend, so will be blogging off the iPad for the next little while.

Post Japan, there was a week and a half in France. Now I've come to the tail-end of five days in Copenhagen, and here begins three weeks of solo travel before meeting up with my parents in Scotland. My itinerary was planned via low cost roulette, where basically I booked my flights according to what Drungli suggested.

I have a couple of posts swirling around my brain, things that I've been thinking about while adventuring across France and beyond

  • Dealing with doubt (when family/friends/colleagues don't understand or support your projects)
  • Travelling on the cheap (I know many posts have been written by others on this subject but it's a question I am constantly asked)
  • Staying healthy while travelling (exercise, nutrition, sleep etc)
  • Settling down in a new place (including how to make friends and reach out to new networks)
  • Solo voyages

Do let me know if any of the above topics interest you, and I'll try to make them happen..


  1. I'd definitely like to see all those posts!

  2. "Dealing with doubt (when family/friends/colleagues don't understand or support your projects)" - remember family read your blog!