Friday, May 24, 2013

I like....

I like...
  • Metro lines that go above ground (line 6 in Paris crosses the Seine!)

  • Bananas! (I think I might need to do a post about how to keep your fruit&veg up whilst travelling)

  • Bike-sharing (always and forever! Borrowed one in Montpellier on Monday and rode 20km to the beach, then got lost in some country lanes on the way back and found myself at an 18th century chateau, where I had a private tour. Yes!)

  • Speaking a second language and not even thinking about it (sometimes I'm having a conversation in France with another non-native speaker and it just blows my mind how our brains can do this)

  • Sweet potato and bean burritos (so easy and delicious; I suspect I'll be making it often for my hosts as I couch-surf across Europe this summer)

  • Wifi (I think we can all agree on this one)

1 comment:

  1. Oh man! I am so with you on the metro lines.

    The Red line to Alewife (right before Cambridge) in Boston got me giddy the first time and crossing over to Brooklyn in New York made my elbows wriggle.

    Cambridge also just got their bike shares in!

    Ahh... I was only there for a few days.

    Wish we had bike sharing in Uzhgorod right now. I've been looking for a bike.

    Love the travel outfit.

    Also with you on the language one. So grateful for that one...

    Your life seems rad, yo.