Sunday, October 16, 2011

An absence of sorts

Oh folks, I've done it to you again!

It's not that I don't want to blog.... I desperately want luxurious hours spent on google reader, palming through my blogroll. I want to share with you all the colour and fun I've been having lately. But, yknow, I've been busy. Turns out being a citizen of the world takes time, and between my community (musical!) service, cooking and seeing all my friends that I've neglected during term time, the result is a neglected blog.

To add to the list of lame excuses - my computer is struggling to pick up wifi so I find myself only on the internet when I am physically attached to it via a cable. Not so glamorous.

I made Szechuan eggplant last week! I was rather pleased. A spring vegetable quiche too - asparagus is so delicious at the moment. Perhaps I'll buy a muffin tray and try some choc banana treats.

  • Still reading my eyes off,
  • trying to solve the storage puzzle of having toomanyshoes (and dresses, and handbags, and, well, everything),
  • seeing long lost friends,
  • running,
  • and thinking about all the fun things I'll do at the end of the year (overseas travel!)

How are you though?

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