Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I know I blog about books a lot. But when I'm trawling through my Google Reader, what do I like seeing? Smart ladies discussing novels. Oh yeah.

Normally I try to be faithful to my books, and only have one (perhaps two) on the go at any one time. Lately, I've somehow found myself juggling a few too many, so August's goal is to finish them all in their entireties so I can start afresh. I have tons of books sitting in my bookbag, waiting to be devoured.

Just finished this weighty tome after a few months of dipping in and out. While an inspiring read, I felt Kee's story lost momentum in the second half. Perhaps because she was no longer in Swinging London, but instead settling into a quiet(er) life of domesticity in the Blue Mountains.

I started rereading this roman a few months ago to exercise my language skills. Despite it being a slim text, I just haven't found myself drawn to reading it lately. This is the month that I'll finish it and put it back on the shelf with its other French pals.

In an effort to avoid the Winter Wardrobe Blues, I've borrowed a number of 'style' books from the library. This one's nicely divided into succinct chapters, anecdotal in tone and has delightful illustrations of outfits. Very nice.

I read the Curious Case of Benjamin Button short story quite some time ago (we're talking years) but never finished off the other short stories in the edition. I keep on borrowing it from the library in the hopes of completion but up till now I can't seem to digest Fitzgerald's writing. Maybe it's not meant to be. I loathe giving up on books, though.

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