Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Birthday Bug

My 25th birthday is just two short weeks away but admittedly I haven't given very much thought to how I want to celebrate. That's not good sport!

All I've got:

  • Cupcake picnic

  • Cheese Party

  • Go-Karting

  • Treasure Hunt

  • And on the materialistic front? Things I desire?

  • Shorts for running

  • Fishnet stockings (mine all have ... holes?)

  • A haircut

  • Lovely fresh bedsheets and perhaps a new set of towels

  • I'm not easy to buy for...


    1. If you add champagne or cava or some other bubbly drink I think you're all set! ;)

    2. Yeah,where's the booze!? Get drunk,smear cupcakes all over yourself,and go naked go-karting.You're only 25 once.:)

    3. I even have some Pol Roger just waiting to be drunk....