Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-up

At the weekend I seriously started thinking about doing some sort of regular, weekly post. Despite practical implications (ie too busy living my life right now to give blogging much thought, where is the discipline?), I was keen to commence with a 'Sunday Summary'. Of course, Sunday came and went, and I thought I could post a little later and blame it on the time difference between Australia and France, and/or jetlag (after four months of travel...) Not such an auspicious beginning for a weekly posting spot though.

So this is me, on a Wednesday (look Mom! No scheduled post!) letting you know how the last week rolled. It's been a good one.

Last Wednesday brought a spontaneous camping trip to Mont St Michel: early morning train, a whole bus to ourselves, delicious fresh produce and tasty beers for lunch, a siesta in a field, allergy to the seaside (I'm a true Parisian!), 1300 year old abbey, friendly locals, our 2-second tent, lying inside said tent while listening to the rain, subsequent rainbows, crêpes and cider for tea, croissants, crusty baguette et pain au chocolat for breakfast, fresh salad and beer for a lunch picnic, whisky and quicksand.

What else?
  • Skyping with family members, my friendly local library, finally getting my shoes fixed, being entrusted with apartment keys, the smell of freshly-cut orange on your fingers
  • Sunday picnic at Versailles, making new Parisian friends, slumber parties in dive hotels with old friends, zipping around Paris
  • Working on my resumé, receiving red roses, free movie tickets, satisfying Chinese cravings with a salty feast, after-dinner drinks
  • Midday naps, applying at cute Parisian bars, fresh coconut, organic walls, being treated like VIP guests in a riverside restaurant: 'May we have the bill?' 'There is no bill for you'
  • Champagne: in cocktails and in dessert, beautiful Paris sunsets, writing postcards, flowers in bloom, starting a new journal, being invited to play with the local orchestra, receiving little notes

Ohhhh Champs Elysées! Job hunting.

Seriously delicious fresh fruit

Mur végétal

The perfect dinner destination


Et voilà! Have a superb week to come!

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