Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wardrobe organisation

As the seasons change I think about tidying up my wardrobe, culling, sorting, sharing.

How do you reorganise?

(stocking collection)

I sort my wardrobe into dresses, skirts and jackets and then sort by colours. I roll my tshirts up and place in a drawer. I keep my most used shoes within easy reach and display six pairs on a fireplace. I keep purses in a drawer, sorted by colour. I keep jewellery in bowls with my favourites on display. I keep hats scattered around the room.

Yet it is still so hard to get dressed!


  1. Wow! You're so organised. All of my clothes are in random (and often ridiculous) places in my room but I can still find them all.

    I like your collection of stockings :)

  2. I finally discovered how to ball stockings, after having an unmanageable drawer for many years!