Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day in the life

Well, I haven't done one of these posts for a while!

I decided to chronicle my day once I was already out of bed, on the first "real" day of my holidays. I've been away over the weekend playing in a band competition (as cool as it sounds...)
This means that today (Tuesday 7th April) I didn't have major plans.

The day kind of evolved itself. Let's go!

 photo IMG_8122.jpg
This cat that hangs out at my place a bit was asking for breakfast.

 photo IMG_8123.jpg

I start my day with a couple of mugs of hot water. Is this weird?

 photo IMG_8124.jpg

Cold and wet! I decide to break the seal on this purple top from Uniqlo (bought in Paris, ooh là là!)

 photo IMG_8127.jpg

First stop for the day didn't get photographed! I took my boyfriend home after he dropped his car in at the mechanics. Then I bought shoes.

 photo IMG_8126.jpg

I poked around a few op shops in the neighbourhood, and then explored a different library to my usual. There were lots of children around.

 photo IMG_8128.jpg

I got home and took a look around my garden. I love the changing colours on this tree.

 photo IMG_8129.jpg

I thought I'd killed my roses due to lack of watering, but after a few showers, this one has grown triffids!

 photo IMG_8130.jpg

Hanging my washing inside today...

 photo IMG_8131.jpg

Planning what to cook for the rest of the week.

 photo IMG_8132.jpg

Tofu! I love my local supermarket.

 photo IMG_8133.jpg

The cat came over again to "help" me put away groceries.

 photo IMG_8137.jpg

Doing some marking on my "holidays"...

 photo IMG_8138.jpg

Headed to the airport to pick up my parents. They'd spent the Easter long weekend at Bluesfest, in Byron Bay!

 photo IMG_8139.jpg

Taking my parents home = an opportunity to see the family cat. She's pretty cute too.

 photo IMG_8142.jpg

I watched "Over the Hedge" on the couch with my mum. I've seen better kids' movies.

 photo IMG_8143.jpg

Home safe after a long day. Stopping to smell the (fake) flowers.

Good night!

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