Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just a Minute in May

We're a few days into June but better late than never for this sort of thing.

Ad for the hilarious (and colourful!) new film by François Ozon

Reading... on the up. Trying to make time for it! I finished another John Wyndham (The Kraken Wakes) and am discovering that I do like me a bit of dystopian sci-fi (I guess!)

Listening... to my iPod on the way to work. Usually Death Cab for Cutie or The Crash, depending on how energetic I'm feeling (usually not very....)

my parents a safe holiday, my friends good health, Dr Love a happy start in Melbourne.

a whole bunch of stuff! I feel like I've stayed at home a lot lately but looking through my diary indicates otherwise. Patricia Piccinini exhibition, Katy Perry, the manfriend receive a University prize, Pôtiche (very cute), Cirque du Soleil, Cloudstreet, Wicked, Cane Toads: The Conquest... as well as a whole bunch of dinners and parties!

Buying... things I don't want (or need) on eBay again... uh oh. Drinks and dinners. I love being employed (after so many, many years as a student).

to get through the term! I think I'm on track. I've been working hard lately but also trying to establish more of a work-life balance: taking a bit more time over marking, leaving school earlier, asking for help, going to professional development sessions. I had my performance review on Wednesday and it went really, really well.

Missing... warm weather, Wednesday Wrap-ups, friends interstate and overseas, my life in France (and that amazing trip to New York).

Cooking... most nights! It's great to feel independent and capable. I like experimenting with homemade pizza and trying out lentil dishes (delicious burgers!). Next up I want to learn how to make laksa and try homemade bagels. Yesterday I cooked carrot soup for this evening and can't wait to have it with goat's cheese melted on crusty bread... yum!

my way through my wardrobe and saying goodbye to some lovely dresses. Space. An effort to let people know I love them. Demands of my students. Progress, in many aspects: work, mentally, emotionally. This is a challenging year but I feel proud of where I'm at already.

homemade food, turning my back room into a Chinese laundry, seeing old friends, listening to mix tapes, reading by the fire, good takeaway, crisp and colourful autumn days, visiting libraries, vintage bargains, discussing lifeplans with the manfriend, ripping off my To Do lists on post-its (only to write a fresh one of a teacher!), making an effort when getting dressed (some days it's hard, you know?), spending time with my cat, colourful lipstick, not needing fillings and being generally healthy while those around me drop like flies, cheese in all its incarnations (except parmesan), caring phone calls, weekend sleep-ins (apart from the catso asking for breakfast at 6.30), little easter eggs (still! yum yum).

Remember April? I can't believe we're halfway through the year already. So much excitement ahead! I've even started thinking about my birthday...

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