Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Wrap-up

I'm so tired I've started falling over when I'm trying to walk. True story. Was up till 3 last night marking, 1 the night before planning and 1 the night before that. It's so hard trying to fit everything in! Combine prac with a nasty uni assignment due last Friday and you have one dirty week.

But I can't complain! As I said to my friend this evening, I'm tired, stressed, but really happy. The weather's been crap and my body is saying no and there's no healthy work-life balance happening, but I'm still smiling. Things are good.

So these days it seems week = work. I don't want to be that person. Hmm.
Does it follow that weekends = play? I had dinner and went dancing with girlfriends on Friday night and gorged on wine and cheese on Saturday night. Then I was very, very naughty and spend all of Sunday with the manfriend instead of doing work. Hence playing catch-up all week.

  • Making friends with a ginger cat on the walk home
  • Eating lots of cakes in the staff room!
  • "Restraining" my wardrobe choices - mom's words
  • Working my way through uber to-do lists
  • Planning creative lessons (and delivering them with panache!)
  • Study dates with the manfriend
  • The heater being fixed - it's still cold outside!
  • Hilarious chats and challenges with girlfriends
  • Thinking about next year (and the next few)

This time next week it's my birthday! To celebrate? Teaching for five hours and then concert band rehearsal.... Oh. Dear. Hope you're all still smiling through a tiring August. Let's steam towards the end of the year (and summer!)

PS? I keep saying "Tomorrow I'll have time to do a decent blog post", yet every day I'm getting home around 6pm and having some dinner before settling into a night's work. Sigh.


  1. Week=work sux,doesn't it! I try to play a bit during the week so it doesn't feel like such a drone.I don't want to be that person either.
    I panic about meeting kittys on the street!They always want to come home with me,and I always want them to,but my kitty would be hysterical if they did!

  2. Yes, I completely understand. At least my working situation is only temporary, but 1/2am bedtimes every night and 7am alarms are getting very tiring. Lately my only downtime has been "study dates" with the manfriend. I think I need to manage my time better. I love friendly street cats! They follow me home too but give up after a block or two. My cat wouldn't be impressed either...