Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-up

Petals! Photo light (ok, devoid) today because the camera cable isn't working its magic.

Bref, travail travail travail. (Briefly, work work work.)

Other things that've made up my week:
  • shopping! I rarely do this so it was a special treat. I bought frivolous things.
  • being cooked a lovely vegetarian dinner
  • buying fresh flowers from a florist in Montmartre
  • taking my friends out to dinner with tip money - delicious leftovers too!
  • red wine in bed
  • being bought pain au chocolat every morning
  • bakeries open late during Ramadan
  • receiving packages in the mail!
  • buying lots of English-language magazines
  • saying au revoir but not adieu to my darling girlfriend in early morning drizzle
  • slow, sleepy bus ride home amongst grey skies
  • making contacts with customers at work: Iceland connection! Contact at Dior!
I'm entirely looking forward to getting this weekend off work after eight straight days of work, and getting one big pay cheque.
Bisous! A bientôt!

1 comment:

  1. I feel like such a slob that I just made a list post like this while I've been sitting on my butt all week! I commend you.

    Also, been loving your posts the past week or two =) I hope work is treating you well!