Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another apology

Dear friends,

I was hoping to post some photos this afternoon but it turns out I have an interview at Dior. WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH MY LIFE?

Good times.

Now, off to get dressed.

Till next time then,
Sequin Cat


  1. C O O O O L, i hope the interview went well! I saw your pic on the Vogue website, tres chic. BTW Romance is Born make the best clothes ever, one of my life's ambitions is to get my hands on a bunny jumpsuit. xx

  2. Thanks for letting me know the picture was up! x

  3. DIOR!!! WHAT THE!! So much has happened since I left! What's the job for?!?!

  4. Dior Homme. I am far, far too inexperienced. Check out my Wednesday Wrap-ups to get an overview of what I've been doing since you left!