Thursday, January 8, 2009

"It's only real when it's dark" - Movies I've watched lately

The other day I borrowed six movies from the library, and in an attempt to get through them all I watched two in one day.

After work on Tuesday I started watching "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte" - 1965. Starring Bette Davis, this film was intended as somewhat of a sequel to "Whatever happened to Baby Jane?" (which I've not seen). I thought it was great. I LOVED the costumes: the faded glamour of (now) eccentric Charlotte; the contrast with her cousin Miriam's smart attire.



Along with a murderous plot and great soundtrack, there was also fantastic cinematography - despite being in black and white:

Also of great appeal was Bette Davis' crazy eyes. Man, they bring the crazy!


There's a FANTASTIC hallucination sequence around the 99 minute mark, if you ever get the chance to watch it!

Here's a trailer on youtube - hope it's your kind of thing.

Of great contrast was the second film I watched, "Gorillas in the Mist" - 1988. Sigourney Weaver depicts the true story of Dian Fossey, pioneering primatologist in the Rwandan mountains.

Somehow I missed the boat on this film as a child, but I'm pleased to have seen it now - the poaching scenes were sad and slightly scary. I'm not sure how I would've reacted as a child to Fossey's murder (despite its artistic depiction).

Alas, this movie provided little sartorial inspiration - unless frizzy hair and parkas are your kind of thing. Who am I to judge?!

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Phew, first post made and now the pressure's off. See you soon.

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